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Marc Paschke

Behind The Lens

I have been taking pictures most of my life.


Growing up in Chicago I started  my photographic journey by sneaking a camera into heavy metal shows in the early 1980s, as well as creating fake credentials to get into pro sporting events for some very bad teams. In college, I was exposed to the journalistic side of photography by snapping photos of daily life on the college campus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


After college, as a guitar roadie for a European rock band, I would spend the days photographically exploring whatever city we were in. Working in a production company taught me the ropes of making documentaries and telling stories.


Finally, raising three crazy children (with middle names Rain, Wolf & Sky) gave me years of opportunities to master the art of the family portrait, travel scenery and most of all youth sports. If you need a photograph taken or an event covered, I am confident I can get the job done.

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